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July 12, 2016

9th July – Barefoot World Beach Rescue Day!


Leave Only Footprints

This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the international Barefoot Beach Rescue

Project. To promote Barefoot World Beach Rescue Day, a film has been made showing sand

sculptures being built in participating countries, bearing the call to action: Leave only


Barefoot Beach Rescue Project initiative was launched in 2007 in the USA. Its goal is to support local

communities and making it possible for everyone to walk barefoot on the beach. Since its inception 10

years ago, the campaign has expanded to 5 continents and over 14,000 volunteers, who have

collected more than 20 tons of rubbish.

On 9th July 2016, Barefoot World Beach Rescue Day will be celebrated in 11 countries: Australia,

Canada, Germany, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, the UK and

the USA. During the beach clean-ups that will be taking place in each country, volunteers will lend a

hand to clear waste from the local beaches.

In May this year, to publicise Barefoot World Beach Rescue Day, local artists in participating countries

built sand sculptures to deliver a call to action: Leave Only Footprints. A sand sculpture was also

made on the beach in Gdynia. To emphasise the unique nature of this day and to accentuate the

campaign’s international spirit, a film was made showing a compilation of the creations and effects of

the work of artists from the countries participating in Barefoot World Beach Rescue Day. Here’s how it


Barefoot World Beach Rescue Day is also the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends and to set

a good example for others. Through our actions, we can make other people aware of the importance

of preserving nature.

Anyone can join in with our activities – just go to and register, or visit the

Stowarzyszenia Czysta Polska (Clean Poland Association) tent on the beach on the day of the clean-

up – we’ll be waiting to meet you!

All volunteers joining the Barefoot Beach Rescue Project will get cleaning equipment (sacks, gloves

etc.) and can also enjoy games and ecology contest.

Join us!

09.07 GDYNIA, Bulwar Nadmorski – Plaża Miejska, Contrast Cafe, 10.00-16.00

16.07 POZNAŃ, Ewangelicka St. – KontenerArt, 12.00-17.00

30.07 ŁEBA, Leśna St. entrance, Costa Dorada, 10.00-16.00

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9th July – Barefoot World Beach Rescue Day!

Leave Only Footprints

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